Dewuschka s korobkoi

The Girl With the Hat Box | Moskau wie es weint und lacht
How do you find a little piece of good fortune in a big city? Natasha, a young hat-maker, has to commute by train between her village and Moscow in order to deliver her creations to the extravagant Madame Irene. Madame registers Natasha as a sub-tenant so that she can claim more living space. The clumsy station master with the captivating smile courts the delightful country girl. Natasha, however, enters into a sham marriage with Ilya, a needy student, and, in this way, procures for him her own (already occupied) room in Moscow. It is only when a seemingly worthless lottery ticket appears, however, that things really start to become complicated …
With its sound sense of style and socially critical approach, the film illustrates the contrasts between the city, the countryside new living conditions in Moscow. Three great and talented actors, Anna Sten, Ivan Koval-Samborsky and Vladmir Fogel form the triangular relationship. Although the film was, in fact, commissioned to promote the state lottery, it made the studio rich and Barnet – the natural talent who directed the film – famous. His invention of “lyric” comedy made the film a great success among audiences in Germany, too.

Print courtesy of the Austrian Film Museum, Vienna
by Boris Barnet
with Anna Sten, Wladimir Michajlow, Wladimir Fogel
UDSSR 1927 94’