The Convoy

Die Überführung
Following a brawl, Captain Ignat, who is traumatised by the death of his daughter, is ordered together with a regular soldier to find a deserter and bring him back via Moscow to stand before a military court. Although they locate the young soldier, their journey across the wintry moloch that is Moscow is slow and tortuous. Before long, the unlikely trio find themselves drawn into a chaotic maelstrom of violence, corruption, criminality, degradation and squalidness. In the face of the monstrous malaise and everyday horror of life in Russia, the gradual breakdown of the film’s anti-hero becomes a metaphor for Russian society. Pungent, dark, cold, bloody, dirty, merciless and with no hope of redemption THE CONVOY is an atmospheric portrait of the country’s most important institutions – army and police – seen here as a reflection of a society determined by the relationship between power and subjugation, seniority and discipline, physical violence and a status-oriented, hierarchical way of thinking.
by Alexey Mizgirev
with Oleg Vasilkov, Azamat Nigmanov, Dmitry Kulichkov
Russian Federation 2012 81’

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