The Tiny Ventriloquist

THE TINY VENTRILOQUIST is a suite of shorter works. Perhaps the titles to some of the components best communicate the breadth and flavour of the work: Great Blood Sacrifice, Beaver Skull Magick, Cartoon for those who have a certain fondness for ideas but are tired of thinking, The Root problem of the World, My Name is Karlheinz Stockhausen, Ass Reclaim Insert, What is Called Drinking (We Have Not Yet Begun to Drink). In these works, Reinke tries on and discards many voices, stances, histories, and ideologies.

THE TINY VENTRILOQUIST Steve Reinke (with contributions from James Richards) (Kanada)

EMBASSY OF CANADA – Marshall McLuhan Salon Ebertstraße 14, 10117 Berlin


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Artist Talk

Tuesday, 14.2, 12:00 – 14:00
by Steve Reinke
with with contributions from James Richards
Canada 2011 60’