Das Rohe und das Gekochte

The Raw And The Cooked
DAS ROHE UND DAS GEKOCHTE (THE RAW AND THE COOKED) is a documentary expedition through the culinary traditions of Taiwan, showing how closely food is connected to the various cultures of this multi-ethnic state. Taiwan is one of the most diverse gourmet heavens in all of Asia. The journey begins in the capitol Taipeh. We visit two famous restaurants (“Shin Yeh” and “Dintaifung”). Urbanisation is taking over Taiwan, threatening the agriculture. Luckily there has been an environmental movement active for a number of years now. We witness a political demonstration of farmers and speak to two members of the still young Green Party. In search of agricultural projects with a future, we discover the grass roots organisation “Buy Local” in Hualien City. After that it is down the East Coast where the ancient people of the Amis live. They invite us to an ancient ceremony. We visit one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the South where we take part in a cooking class. Our journey around the island leads us into an area in the West that is inhabited by the Hakkas. Their cooking traditions are influenced by their nomadic past. Our journey ends in the centre of the island, in Puli. Here we meet one of the island’s most creative chefs. A feast for eyes and stomach!
by Monika Treut Germany / Taiwan 2012 83’