West Is West

This sequel to the British-Pakistani family chronicle EAST IS EAST is just as turbulent as Damien O’Donnell’s successful 1999 cinema hit EAST IS EAST. However, this time, the story is not confined to Salford in the northwest of England, rather, the Khan family’s twisting paths lead them back to father George’s roots in rural Pakistan.
It’s the mid-1970s and the Kahn’s youngest son, 15-year-old Sajid, is having a hard time coping with puberty – and his father George (alias Ghengis) Kahn, who is determined to make sure that the last of his offspring living under his roof turns out to be a good Muslim. But the clash between traditional Pakistani values and modern day Britain only prompts anti-social behaviour from Sajid. Not only is life difficult at home with his parents George and Ella, but he also has problems at school where he is bullied by a racist lout named Hughsy. The teenager’s only source of light relief is a bit of shoplifting – until one day he gets caught.
For George it’s the last straw. He decides to pack Sajid off to the Punjab, to the home of Mrs Kahn No. 1 and the two daughters whom father Kahn left behind – over thirty years ago. Here, in this tiny village without electricity, toilets or running water, among people who don’t want to have anything to do with him, Sajid is to spend a month learning about true Pakistani values. And so Sajid sets off with his stubborn father …’
by Andy De Emmony
with Aqib Khan, Om Puri, Linda Bassett, Ila Arun, Jimi Mistry
United Kingdom 2010 102’

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Icon Entertainment International

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