Into the White Night
It’s 1980. A pawn shop owner is murdered and his body found in a dilapidated house. His widow Yaeko and her lover Isao, who also worked at the pawn shop, are soon suspected of having committed the crime, but the pawnbroker’s son, ten-year-old Ryouji, says that they were both watching television with him at the time. The boy’s pensive, strangely mature face gives Detective Superintendent Sasagaki food for thought. Police investigations reveal that the pawnbroker visited a woman before he died. The woman in question, Fumiyo, lives in a poor, shabby area and, while the superintendent is questioning her, her daughter Yukiho interjects, insisting that Fumiyo stop lying. When one of Fumiyo’s young friends dies in a car accident and alleged prime suspect Fumiyo commits suicide it seems as though the case is solved. But Detective superintendent Sasagaki is not convinced. For some reason he can’t stop thinking about the victim’s son and the prime suspect’s daughter.
Years go by. Yukiho, Fumiyo’s pretty daughter has worked hard to climb the social ladder and Ryouji, the pawnbroker’s son, is now living a completely normal life. Both seem to have overcome the traumatic events of the past – unlike Sasagaki. Somehow, the murder of the pawnbroker won’t let him go and so, nineteen years later, he decides to reopen the case. When he discovers a lead that helps him uncover the true circumstances of the pawnbroker’s murder, this puts Sasagaki’s own life in danger.
by Yoshihiro Fukagawa
with Maki Horikita, Kengo Kora, Eiichiro Funakoshi
Japan 2010 149’

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GAGA Corporation

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