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A Cat In Paris | Die Katze von Paris
An exciting animated mystery set on rooftops of Paris and in the dark alleyways of the French capital. Tomcat Dino lives a double life. By day he’s the docile kitten belonging to little Zoé, a mute six-year-old girl whose mother, Jeanne, is chief constable of the police. Dino spends his nights with Nico, a good-natured burglar.
Zoé lost her speech when her father, who was also a policeman, was killed by a notorious criminal named Victor Costa. Dino often brings the girl gifts from his wanderings – spiders or dead lizards – a habit which her mother Jeanne finds quite revolting.
Zoé’s mother is completely dedicated to her work and doesn’t spend much time with her daughter. She is currently busy organising the safe transportation to a museum of a valuable statue that Victor Costa apparently intends to steal.
One day, Dino brings Zoé a bracelet that Jeanne’s assistant, Lucas, identifies as being part of the swag from a robbery. A few nights later, Zoé secretly follows her cat to Nico’s patch. On the way back she overhears a conversation between Victor Costa and his accomplices, from which she learns that Claudine, her friendly childminder, is really a member of Costa’s gang. The thieves discover the girl and, although Nico helps her to get away this time, Victor Costa certainly won’t leave it at that …
by Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli France / Belgium / Netherlands / Switzerland 2010 64’ empfohlen ab 7 Jahren

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