Den kæmpestore bjørn

The Great Bear | Der riesige Bär
Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you have to like each other and, even if you are brother and sister, you don’t have to be bosom friends. Jonathan was always quite content to travel alone to spend his holidays with his grandfather, his sister being too small for such an adventure. But this summer, Sophie is old enough to accompany him to the country. Bad luck for Jonathan, who does everything he can to get rid of this irritating little shrimp. But no sooner does he succeed than things go terribly awry – for now Sophie has been abducted by a huge bear. Jonathan simply has to find her before there’s trouble. This means going into the forest, where they are not allowed to go because it is so big that you cannot even see the other side, as grandfather has always impressed upon his grandchildren.
Jonathan follows his sister’s trail; it leads straight into the midst of the forest where a world full of strange creatures awaits such as birds that hop, dwarf elks, tree frogs that are many times taller than the trees, and a gigantic bear of monstrous proportions.
At least, this is Jonathan’s first impression of Sophie’s cuddly new friend. Her big brother doesn’t know what to make of the huge bear and his little sister. Are they really safe with this guardian? Even huge animals can find themselves in danger when more malevolent forest dwellers lure them into fiery traps.
by Esben Toft Jacobsen Denmark 2011 73’ empfohlen ab 7 Jahren

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Copenhagen Bombay Productions

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