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Intimate Grammar | Der Kindheitserfinder
Based on the novel, ‘The Book of Intimate Grammar’ by David Grossman (who won the 2010 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade) the film tells the story of three years in the life of Aron Kleinfeld. The hero is a young misfit growing up in the early sixties. It was a time when a new breed of Israeli had come to the fore. Twenty years after the Holocaust, Israel’s youth were determined never again to allow themselves to be led like helpless victims to the slaughterhouse. This is a new generation, that oozes self-confidence. Aron, however, is different. He’s much more interested in his own, highly developed inner life.
Aron’s father was a prisoner at a concentration camp. To him and Aron’s mother, life is all about war and survival. Aron’s grandmother lost her mind during the war and his sister, the only soul-mate he has in his embittered family, keeps her private life to herself as far as possible. Fortunately, this tiny, slight boy has one good friend: he and Gidon find comfort in the shape of a neighbour, Miss Blum. Inside her apartment, amidst paintings, books and music, a whole new world reveals itself to him. Until he is ousted by his father …
Following this eviction, Aron refuses to grow for three years. And why? Because he doesn’t want to turn out like his parents? Or because he is a late starter? For three long years Aron endures an unspeakable mental ordeal. But then the time comes for him to make a decision …
by Nir Bergman
with Orly Zilbershatz, Roee Elsberg, Yehuda Almagor, Evelyn Kaplun, Yael Sgerski, Eden Luttenberg
Israel 2010 110’ empfohlen ab 12 Jahren

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