Sommaren med Monika

Summer with Monika | Die Zeit mit Monika
Young Monika Eriksson (Harriet Andersson) has grown up in humble surroundings with her siblings; her father grows violent when he drinks. At work in a vegetable shop she is pawed by her male colleagues – she prefers to favour younger men with her considerable charms. Harry Lund (Lars Ekborg), an apprentice in a porcelain shop, is also harassed by his boss. When Harry and Monika meet in a café, they decide to break out of this world. They steal Harry’s father’s motor boat and drive out to the archipelago in search of their freedom.

At first Bergman shows the idyllic life on the island: Monika teaches Harry to dance and make love and jumps naked into the water in front of him. But Monika longs for the city, for movies, excitement, company. And for a decent meal, because she is meanwhile pregnant ...

Harriet Andersson was vaulted into stardom in the role of Monika. Bergman himself, who had discovered her in a theatre revue, later said there’s never been a girl in Swedish films who radiated more uninhibited erotic charm than Harriet.
by Ingmar Bergman
with Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg
Sweden 1952/53 96’