The Tangier 8

In June 2009, Tamaas, an international non-profit arts organization, invited eight poets and filmmakers coming from France, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, and the United States, to Tangier, Morocco. They had not met prior to their arrival in Tangier, therefore adding to the experimental nature of the project. The artists worked in pairs of one filmmaker-one poet each. These four poet-filmmaker pairs collaborated using Super 8 film and writing original text to create experimental “film-poems.” Working under tight time constraints, they had just four days to film, four days for sound, and four days for editing. The artists took inspiration from the city of Tangier, its history, architecture, people, politics, as well as from each other, to produce these short film poems.

films by Ivan Boccara,Carla Faesler, Akram Zataari, Liliane Giraudon, Natalia Almada, Peter Gizzi, Jem Cohen, Luc Sante

panel discussion (18.2., 12:00 Arsenal 1) with Natalia Almada, Akram Zaatari, Liliane Giraudon, Blaire Dessent, Sarah Riggs

Moderation: Brigitta Kuster
by Ivan Boccara, Carla Faesler, Akram Zataari, Liliane Gir Morocco / France 2009 43’

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