Ai yori ai e

So Goes My Love
A melodrama about a modern young woman's affairs of the heart. After leaving home when his family object to their marriage, struggling writer Shigeo moves in with Minako, making ends meet with her meager earnings at a cafe. He tries to find a job, but his uncle uses his power to make things difficult for them. Taking Minako's side, Shigeo's younger sister Toshiko tries to reason with her parents. But then the uncle convinces Minako to leave Shigeo… A portrayal of women caught between old and new values, featuring popular symbols of the era such as Ginza and apartments.
by Shimazu Yasujiro
with Sano Shuji, Takasugi Sanae, Takamine Mieko, Mizushima Ryotaro, Kawamura Ryokichi, Sakamoto Takeshi, Katsuragi Fumiko
Japan 1938 56’

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