Konyaku sanbagarasu

The Trio's Engagement
Amid a job shortage, three young men find work at a textile company at the same time and fall for the company president's daughter, sparking a rivalry for her affections. However, each of them already has a fiancee… This refined romantic comedy uses Ginza and the lifestyle and manners of the era to depict three types of modern youth: one from the suburbs, one from the inner city, and one from the countryside. With the casting of three up-and-coming young actors groomed for stardom and dubbed "Shochiku's three birds", and creating three distinct characters for them, this film became a charming vehicle for the company's male stars at a time when it was better known for its actresses.
by Shimazu Yasujiro
with Sano Shuji, Uehara Ken, Saburi Shin, Takamine Mieko, Miyake Kuniko, Ida Choko
Japan 1937 66’

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