La ley del deseo

The Law of Desire | Das Gesetz der Begierde
Pablo and Tina are brothers. Their parents separated while the two boys were still young. Tina's real name is Tino, but when he moved in with his father, he started to have a sexual relationship with him, changed his sex and became his father's lover. A few years later her father leaves her and Tina no longer feels attracted to men... from now on she hates them.

Pablo writes film scripts and makes films. He is in love with Juan, a charming boy who returns Pablo's love. Unlike his sister, however, Pablo does not suffer at all and tries to overcome his problems through creative activity. [...] During the holidays, Juan goes back to his home town. […]

Pablo becomes acquainted with Antonio, a boy from southern Andalusia who is completely different from Juan. Within a matter of hours Antonio is passionately in love with Pablo. […] Antonio also goes off on holiday. When he says farewell to Pablo, he asks him to use a girl's name when he writes to avoid arousing his parents' suspicion.

At this time, Pablo is completely engrossed in writing his latest script. The main female character is greatly inspired by his sister. So when Pablo writes to Antonio, he uses his sister's name: Laura P.

Translated from: Dokumentation der 36. Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin 1986

New Print
by Pedro Almodóvar
with Eusebio Poncela, Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas
Spain 1986/87 100’ empfohlen ab 18 Jahren