Por tu culpa

It's Your Fault | Alles deine Schuld
Life is far from easy for Julieta. She lives alone with her children in a tiny apartment, has very little money and struggles to lead a normal life, which is virtually impossible given these conditions. But she’s always trying. Julieta does her best, but, in doing so often asks too much of herself and her two boys. During the week the children are with a babysitter who looks after them as best she can, because Julieta doesn’t have the money to pay for this. Sometimes, the children’s father comes over to take care of them, but this is rare and Julieta certainly can’t rely on his help.
It’s Sunday evening and the boys’ father hasn’t picked up his sons Valentín and Teo as agreed. Julieta has to work and is sitting in front of the computer. It’s way past bedtime and the arguments in the children’s room are getting more aggressive. Julieta can’t afford to listen and just doesn’t want to know what the boys are up to. She has to concentrate. But then she hears a loud bang. Teo begins to cry. What’s happened? Teo is unable to express himself and Valentín remains resolutely silent. The three of them go to hospital to have Teo examined. They have to wait for ages at the accident and emergency unit and are exhausted by the time it’s their turn. Teo’s brother is the only one who can explain what happened, but, dog-tired, angry with himself, irritated by the long wait and his mother, his answers are curt. A single mother of two boys, one of whom is badly hurt – to the doctor Teo’s injuries are more than just the result of an accident.
by Anahí Berneri
with Erica Rivas, Ruben Viani, Nicasio Galán, Zenón Galán, Osmar Núñez
Argentina / France 2010 90’

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