El mal ajeno

For The Good Of Others
As a doctor, Diego often finds himself in life-or-death situations. So often, in fact, that he has become inured to the pain of others. One of his patients is Sara. She is trying to come to terms with a traumatic experience. When Sara tries to commit suicide, Sara’s husband angrily reproaches Diego and blames him for her suicide attempt. A terrible fight breaks out during the course of which Diego is threatened with a gun. Hours later, the doctor can only remember a noise that sounded like a gunshot; moreover, he has the ominous feeling that he has more to do with this gunshot than he would like to admit.
EL MAL AJENO was produced by Alejandro Amenábar, who was a guest of the Panorama in 1996 with TESIS and again in 1998 with ABRE LOS OJOS. Appearing in leading female role was Belén Rueda, who is also the star of Amenábar’s MAR ADENTRO (THE SEA INSIDE). Director Oskar Santos describes the making of this film in the feature-length documentary UN VIAJE MAR ADENTRO/A TRIP TO THE SEA INSIDE.
by Oskar Santos
with Eduardo Noriega, Belén Rueda, Angie Cepeda, Cristina Plazas, Clara Lago
Spain 2009 107’

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