Resident Alien

Wohnsitz: Heimatlos
This film follows Quentin Crisp as he meanders through New York’s bohe­mian demimonde. He meets Sting, Holly Woodlawn, Paul Morrissey and John Hurt. Hurt played Crisp’s cinematic alter ego in the 1975 screen adaptation of Crisp’s autobiography, THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT (see page 233). In RESIDENT ALIEN Hurt and Crisp review the film that was to change both their lives. – Quentin Crisp died in 1999. John Hurt portrays him once again in a new film that continues Crisp’s life story, AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK (see page 166).
by Jonathan Nossiter
with Quentin Crisp, John Hurt, Holly Woodlawn, Sting
USA 1990 85’

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