I taket lyser stjärnorna

Glowing Stars
“If you die, Mum, I’m going to kill myself”, are the words that Jenna has written in a poem she keeps in her pocket. At 14, Jenna should of course be worrying about a host of other typical problems such as: why is she so flat-chested, or, why is she not as popular at school as her friend Ullis, or, how she can make Sakke fall in love with her … But life isn’t that easy for Jenna – because Jenna’s mother has cancer.
The chemotherapy doesn’t seem to be helping much and, when Jenna’s mother Liv suddenly collapses while out shopping, mother and daughter have to move in with gran. Jenna’s grandmother Ingrid is just as concerned as Jenna, but somehow the two just don’t seem to get along. Jenna knows full well that gran only means well, but her gran’s constant anxiety and sad-looking eyes are hard to take. As far as Jenna’s concerned, real life would seem to be happening somewhere else: take Ullis’ apartment for instance, where she’s throwing a big party. If truth be known, Jenna’s a bit scared of going to the get-together, but she manages to overcome her fear – even if it’s only because she wants to look into Sakke’s gorgeous eyes again, or to laugh off her troubles with carefree Ullis. Before long, Jenna begins to im­merse herself more and more into her social life – in an attempt to forget all the bad things that are happening around her …
by Lisa Siwe
with Josefine Mattsson, Mika Berndtsdotter Ahlén, Annika Hallin, Anki Lidén, Samuel Haus
Sweden 2008 90’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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