Jeannie and Lauren are twin sisters and share a house. Jeannie runs a secondhand store. She is afraid that her associate Amanda wants to sue her so she turns to her ex-boyfriend Merrill for advice, as he is just finishing his law degree. Lauren is on the look-out – for a job and for a steady boyfriend. She is about ready to go abroad as an English teacher.The images are resplendent with color. The characters shine from within. The dialogues are full of puns. The drama surrounding a possible lawsuit doesn’t take place, at least not yet. The real challenge at the heart of the matter is to discuss all possible courses of action and life strategies until then and to make decisions. To sue or not to sue? To stay or to go? To go back to radio silence or to have sex? Or maybe something in between? Andrew Bujalski’s third film was shot with lay actors on super16 stock and shows young people as they come to terms with taking responsibility and owning their lives. Amid marvellously staged everyday instances of successful or failed communication, the joys and pitfalls of relationships within or outside the family, there is room left for the things that just happen – a mosquito sitting on an arm, or happiness illuminating a face.
by Andrew Bujalski
with Maggie Hatcher, Tilly Hatcher
USA 2009 100’

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