Bom-e Pi-eo-na-da

Blooming In Spring
Sometime during spring Yeon-ah discovers that her body doesn’t only smell – it actually stinks. She lets her classmates know immediately. Class representative Seong-eun takes an interest in this strange phenomenon – more so when Yeon-ah takes the problem increasingly seriously with each day that passes, and finally refuses to accept any food. When two other pupils try to force Yeon-ah to eat lunch one day, Seong-eu fights them off. From this moment on, Yeon-ah stops coming to school altogether – and Seong-eu finds herself being victimised by the others …
by Jung Ji-yeon
with Gim Ye-ri, Gwon Ji-won, Bang Eun-ju, Kim So-suk
South Korea 2008 20’

World sales

The Korea National University of Arts

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