El niño pez

The Fish Child | Das Fischkind
“A very ugly dog, pumped full of drugs tells the story of how love forces two young girls to become murderers. A bold, fast-paced, magical novel – an Argentinean THELMA AND LOUISE!” is how the books German publisher describes Lucía Puenzo’s novel, “The Fish Child” which Argentinean newspaper “Pági­na 12” praises as follows: “As you read the book, you have the unmistakable feeling of being in a film.” Following the success of her cinematic debut XXY it comes as no surprise that, for her second work as a director, the writer chose to adapt her own novel for the screen.
Lala lives in one of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive residential areas. She is passionately in love with Guayi, a twenty-year-old Paraguayan girl who has been employed by Lala’s parents to work at their home. The two young women dream of living in Paraguay, somewhere on the banks of Lake Ypoá. To turn their dream into reality, they begin emptying wallets and purses, stealing all the cash that they can lay their hands on in the house. They collect their booty in an old shoebox. But, just like Pandora’s box, as soon as the carton is full, desire, jealousy and anger begin to emanate from within. This marks the starting point for their escape to the highway that links northern Buenos Aires with Paraguay. All kinds of mysterious events await Lala at Lake Ypoá, while Guayi is detained in a reform institution …
by Lucía Puenzo
with Inés Efron, Emme, Pep Munné, Arnaldo André, Carlos Bardem
Argentina / Spain / France 2009 96’

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