Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen

Sleeping Songs
Martin is a nu jazz trumpeter with a style all his own. A man of passion and extremes, he struggles against all kinds of convention and mediocrity. He refuses to compromise – either in his music, or in love. He is deeply hurt when he suspects that of all people Kristina, the love of his life, may only adore him for his musical talent. He is determined to be loved for himself and not because he is an exceptional musician. Disappointed, he decides to leave Kristina and his former life and just get away. Somewhere on the edge of society he meets Hanna, an old woman, who leaves him her desires in the shape of a series of poems. Martin is immediately enthralled. Will the poetry help him find himself again? Or Kristina? Or his music? “Everything has a music deep inside” is the logline for this film featuring the music of Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer. Director Andreas Struck: “When Martin throws his trumpet into the river he is wrenching himself away from something of great importance to him. At first his gesture appears to be destructive. But it isn’t. It is exaggerated; it is a gamble, it blows apart the familiar, but it is full of passion, curiosity and an unconditional lust for life. I was immediately fascinated by Nils Petter Molvaer’s music, because it knows nothing. Rather, it probes, like Martin, in an intense way, driven by the need to find out more.”
by Andreas Struck
with Stefan Rudolf, Chulpan Khamatova, Traute Hoess, Paula Kalenberg, Barnaby Metschurat
Germany 2008 86’

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