The Strength of Water

Die Magie des Wassers
Twins Kimi and Melody are ten years old. They live a happy, fulfilled life in a remote Maori community. But then a mysterious stranger turns up one day, and disaster strikes. Tai – the stranger – is responsible for an accident that separates the twins. Tai is punished by the others for his negligence. Mean­while Kimi is overcome by grief and a feeling of infinite solitude. He has lost his inner balance.
While Kimi angrily searches for answers, the others around him react in different ways. His brother Gene is bent on revenge, his parents are quietly grieving, and bright but lonely Tirea begins a fling with the outcast, Tai. Before long, Kimi’s parents begin to worry seriously about their boy, but his belief in his sister is the only thing that can save him.
“For an overseas audience THE STRENGTH OF WATER will be a window into another world. The film has the spirit and texture of a specific place yet the struggles of its characters are universal”. (Production notes)
by Armagan Ballantyne
with Jim Moriarty, Nancy Brunning, Hato Paparoa, Melanie Mayall-Nahi, Isaac Barber, Pare Paseka
New Zealand / Germany 2008 86’ empfohlen ab 12 Jahren

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