Voy a explotar

I'm Gonna Explode
Maru is fifteen and lives in Guanajuato. When she meets Román, a teenager with a vivid and violent imagination, her lonely days are finally over. To­gether the two young people revolt against their incredible boredom and the adult world. Together, they have the courage to take off somewhere, wherever. The important thing is not to have to answer anyone’s meaningless questions any more.
Román and Maru meet during detention. Román, who is the son of a right-wing conservative politician, had feigned his own hanging during a school talent show. Maru was the only one who clapped. Immediately, these two find in each other the perfect accomplice. A passing car and one look is enough to send the blood coursing through their veins once more. All they have to do is leap out of the window to put an end to their boredom.
On the run, Maru and Román soon become a couple. Their parents are somewhat half-hearted in their search for their children and the police are quite useless. Maru and Román have not yet been discovered in their hide-out but, with every day that passes, it becomes more and more difficult for them to ignore the world at large. And so they decided to push back the borders of their new-found paradise yet again – even if this means jeopardising the safety of their refuge.
by Gerardo Naranjo
with María Deschamps, Juan Pablo de Santiago, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Rebecca Jones, Martha Claudia Moreno, Carlos Narro, Renato Ornelas
Mexico 2008 106’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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