La fabrique des sentiments

The Feelings Factory
Eloïse is a property lawyer in Paris. She is thirty-six years old. Young, good-looking and successful, she is nonetheless single. To end her solitude, and because deep down she desires a love life that she can initiate and control like her career, she signs up with a speed-dating club. Here too, it’s all about being fast and efficient – just like in her career. Seven men meet seven wo­men. They are given seven minutes to work their charm. Then the bell rings. Much to Eloïse’s surprise, it makes no difference whether you sell your­­self in a romantic context or a job interview – the intensity and the pres­­sure are just the same.
Then, when her body starts to let her down, Eloïse begins to worry about her health. She begins to sense that happiness is slipping away from her. Although she has always thought of herself as being happy she is now forced to reconsider her life. Anxiety slowly gnaws at her control of her life. In her dreams and in reality, Eloïse is obliged to admit to what is troubling her deep down: the quest for love of course, but also the need to parade a relationship to the world. She has to face up to her desires and contradictions. Or, in the words of a song, her ”ultra-modern solitude”.
by Jean-Marc Moutout
with Elsa Zylberstein, Jacques Bonnaffé, Bruno Putzulu, Hiam Abbas
France / Belgium 2007 104’

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