Megane (Glasses) | Megane (Gläser)
Spring. A tiny propeller aircraft lands on an island in southern Japan. A middle-aged woman gets out. Her name is Sakura. She is wearing glasses and carrying a handbag. She heads straight for the beach. The inhabitants of the tiny coastal resort receive her with great respect.
A second woman descends from the aircraft. Her name is Taeko. Pulling a large suitcase behind her and clutching a hand drawn map of the locale, she also makes her way to the beach and for a small, stylish but nostalgic looking guest house named Hamada. She is met by the hotel’s unpretentious owner, Yuji. It’s been years since a guest was able to find their way here without getting lost. This marks the beginning of Taeko’s unforgettable holiday at Hamada.
Every morning the locals go down to the beach for a round of ‘merci exercises’, led by Sakura. Schoolteacher Haruna is even prepared to slip away from his lessons in order to take part! Everyone loves these carefree days an the sunbathing sessions at twighlight.
At first, Taeko is indifferent to everything. But gradually, the beauty of the island begins to calm her. The excellent food at Hamada, the relaxed islanders – everything prompts her to start paying more attention to creature comforts, and before long, the joy of this new, carefree way of living pervades every fibre of her body. The beautiful beach, the charming company … Taeko begins to develop close relationships with people about whose background and past life she knows nothing at all.
But one thing they all know is that this freewheeling time won’t last forever. For one day the rain will come and, with it, another season. And then, all at once, the lovely days on the beach will be over.
by Naoko Ogigami
with Satomi Kobayashi, Mikako Ichikawa, Ryo Kase, Ken Mitsuishi, Masako Motai
Japan 2007 106’

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Nikkatsu Corporation

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