Man Jeuk

‘Sparrow’ is a common word used in Hong Kong street slang for pickpocket. The term refers to the special dexterity needed to pluck people’s wallets from their pockets… and possibly also to the necessity of having the flutter away quickly should one be discovered.
Kei is one such ‘sparrow’ – and a very professional one at that. He and his three partners earn a good living from digging deep into the pockets of oblivious passers-by moving along the crowded urban canyons of Hong Kong. As far as Kei’s concerned, it’s all he needs to live a carefree life. Whenever he is not going about his business he loves to ride about the city on his bicycle photographing street scenes with his Rolleiflex camera. One day the gorgeous Chun Lei comes into his sights. Kei is fascinated.
But behind Chun Lei’s good looks lurks a mysterious past. Kei falls in love with her – and he is not the only one. After having managed to turn the heads of his three colleagues, she reveals her true intentions. The sparrows are to steal a key that is of great importance to her. At first the task seems simple. But then another interested party appears on the scene in the shape of shy tycoon Mr Yen …
by Johnnie To
with Simon Yam, Kelly Lin, Lam Ka Tung, Lo Hoi Pang
Hong Kong 2007 87’

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Universe Films Distribution Co. Ltd.

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