1000 Journals

What would become of a message in a bottle in today’s global village?
In order to find out, San Francisco artist and graphic designer Someguy
distributed 1,000 empty notebooks to people in the summer of the year 2000. He left the first hundred at various places in the Bay Area, and he sent the others to people all over the world who knew of his project and were willing to distribute the other 900 notebooks in their own neighbourhoods – in Australia, South Africa, Denmark, England and Asia. Whoever found one of the notebooks could write down whatever they wanted – notes, poems, opinions, photographs, caricatures or illustrations. After making an entry, they were asked to pass on the notebook. The journey made by the 1000 journals was to be documented on the website www.1000journals.com. Full notebooks were to be sent back to Someguy.
In September 2003, Someguy received the first of these – journal no. 526. It had travelled through 13 US states – as well as Ireland and Brazil. But what had happened to all the others? In order to find out, Andrea Kreuzhage conducted around 500 interviews for her film. Those interviewed talk about their personal biographies; but the film also provides a record of contemporary events – for Ground Zero has left just as much of a mark on 1000 JOURNALS, as has the war in the Balkans.
by Andrea Kreuzhage USA 2007 88’

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