Titanics ti liv

The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat | Die zehn Leben der Titanic
Liv lives with her parents and her little brother Erling in Oslo. Liv’s twelvth birthday is approaching and she has been promised her dearest wish – a ticket for the virgin voyage of the steamship “Danaworld”, accompanied by her whole family. Liv can hardly wait. But when Liv’s big day arrives, strange things start to happen on the ground floor of the apartment house where she lives. Together with her best friend, Thomas, Liv tries to find out what’s going on. The pair discovers an old photograph of two girls and a cat. But, all of a sudden, the cat comes to life and jumps right out of the photograph. This is too much for Liv, who falls unconscious. When she wakes up again, she finds herself in hospital. The doctor thinks she may have suffered a sudden asthma attack, but Liv doesn’t believe a word of it. She is convinced that strange things are going on downstairs at home that may have something to do with the mysterious photograph. Thomas promises to find the photograph – in vain – because when he goes to look, it is no longer there. When Liv returns home the two of them come across a secret storeroom where Liv discovers that she has visions as soon as she touches anything. With Thomas’ help, she decides to find out what is happening to her. Is somebody trying to tell her something? Does it have anything to do with the catastrophe that occurred here a century ago? None of the adults are prepared to believe Liv’s story – except an elderly neighbour upstairs who helps Liv and Thomas get to the bottom of the mystery.
by Grethe Bøe
with Tiril Eeg-Henriksen, Martin Mbugua, Christian Skolmen
Norway 2007 74’ empfohlen ab 8 Jahren

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