The Black Balloon

Thomas and his family move home shortly before Thomas’ sixteenth birthday. As if a new neighbourhood, a new school and the loss of his friends were not enough to cope with; Thomas’ family itself is pretty idiosyncratic. Take his older brother Charlie for instance. Although he doesn’t talk, he nevertheless manages to introduce himself to the neighbours at the top of his lungs. Charlie is autistic; he also suffers from ADS syndrome. He usually attends a special school – when he attends it, that is.
Thomas’ father, Simon, is a passionate cricket fan who is fond of talking to his teddy bear. He and his wife Maggie enjoy a very liberal sex life. Now Maggie is pregnant, which is why Thomas now has to spend more time looking after Charlie. But Charlie soon escapes, and charges off half-naked into a neighbour’s house to use the toilet. This is where Thomas, in hot pursuit of his brother, first meets pretty fellow-pupil Jackie, who happens to be taking a shower. Thomas is mortified. In time, he begins to get the hang of looking after Charlie, even though it’s gradually proving to be more than he can handle. But then the new school presents him with a challenge of quite a different kind. He must do his lifesaving badge – although he can barely swim. His partner is Jackie, who is not only beautiful, but is also an excellent swimmer. And then at last Thomas turns 16 …
by Elissa Down
with Rhys Wakefield, Gemma Ward, Luke Ford, Toni Collette
Australia 2007 97’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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