Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger

Hey Hey, hier Esther Blueburger
Like just about every teenager, Esther Blueburger is a ‘natural born outsider’. But let’s get some things straight. Firstly, Esther Blueburger is not a boy and, secondly, she is not interested in winning a dance competition. Nor does she want to gain control of the drugs trade. Nor does she dream about some famous sports personality falling in love with her. No, Esther Blue­bur­ger has much more ambitious plans: she just wants to defy all the chaos, meanness and absurdity of this world, she simply wants – to be herself!
At the beginning of her quest is her encounter with Sunni, who is as cool as Esther longs to be. With Sunni’s help, Esther leaves her old life behind, especially her strict private school. Instead she pretends to be a Swedish exchange student and starts going to the disreputable state school Sunni is attending. Esther’s family don’t see much of her either. Rather than spen­ding time with her disorganised mother, sentimental father and manic twin brother, she prefers to hang out with Sunni’s incredibly hip mother, Mary.
This changes everything. In the old days, Esther was the one that got pushed around. Now she has the upper hand. At one time she was unpopular. Now she flings herself into sexual experiments. Once upon a time she was an angel, but now her parents don’t even recognise their defiant daughter any more. But when the cracks begin to show in one of the two worlds in which Esther exists, it’s up to her to try to reconcile the many contradictions in her life. Somehow or another she has to manage to simply – be herself!
by Cathy Randall
with Danielle Catanzariti, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Toni Collette, Essie Davis, Russell Dykstra
Australia 2007 103’ empfohlen ab 12 Jahren

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Lightning Entertainment

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