Pretty and adventurous female students tend to buzz around charismatic Professor Kepesh like flies around a jam jar, but none of them are ever allowed to get close. Although he clearly enjoys the adoration, he always withdraws when things get too much for him. This all changes when Consuela Castillo enters the classroom one day. With her mane of black hair, her beauty and her self-confidence, Consuela is not merely breathtaking to look at – intellectually she is also every bit the ageing professor’s equal.
It soon becomes clear that Consuela is much more than simply the object of his desire. She knows what she wants, is spirited and very emotional. Perhaps for the first time in his life, Kepesh senses that here is someone capable of showing him his limitations. His affection for Consuela begins to develop into an obsession, and his raging jealousy and his fantasies of treachery and betrayal tear them apart.
A broken man, Kepesh tries to come to terms with their separation. He buries himself in his work; his old friends have kept their distance. And then, two years later, Consuela suddenly comes back into his life. She has an urgent request that will change everything.
by Isabel Coixet
with Ben Kingsley, Penélope Cruz, Dennis Hopper, Patricia Clarkson
USA 2007 108’

World sales

Lakeshore Entertainment Group

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