Mukhsin und ich
Mukhsin is a boy, Orked, a girl, and there comes a point in their lives when this becomes important. Orked comes from a strong family and is consequently not afraid to play with boys. When she meets Mukhsin, the two soon become the best of friends. He constructs a second seat on his bike and before long they are pedalling down the avenues and out into the meadows to fly kites. When evening comes around they are wont to sit on the branch of a tree, dreaming. Orked finds it strange when, at times like these, Mukhsin gently brushes her arm. Friendships can change. When the boy curses at her, Orked brusquely rebuffs him. Coming from her mouth, the word 'no' seems particularly harsh - especially when it means never.
Director Yasmin Ahmad: "I wanted to make a film about an experience that we have all gone through. What happens when your best friend or girlfriend that you've known ever since you were young suddenly develops romantic feelings for you? I have never been able to understand why something as beautiful as the blossoming of love should have to mean the end of an equally beautiful friendship."
by Yasmin Ahmad
with Sharifah Aryana Syed Zainal Rashid, Mohd. Syafie bin Naswip, Sharifah Aleya Syed Zaihal Rashid, Irwan Iskandar bin Abidin, Adibah Noor binti Mohd. Omar
Malaysia 2006 94’ empfohlen ab 9 Jahren

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