The Sword of Doom
An original epic set at the end of the Edo Period describes the journeys of swordsman Tsukue Ryunosuke. Hashimoto Shinobu, who wrote "The Seven Samurai" among others, worked on the script. For this fourth film adaptation, driven by the protagonist's psychopathic demeanor, Okamoto skillfully staged grand sword battles. The film is impressive right through the end, overflowing with a quick tempo; a gloomy, monochromatic image; and a splendid ensemble cast. Starring in the lead role, Nakadai Tatsuya is nihilism personified, displaying a bizarre menace as if possessed.
Text: Morimune Atsuko, catalog TOKYO FILMeX 2006
Photo: © 1966 TOHO Co., Ltd.
by Okamoto Kihachi
with Nakadai Tatsuya, Aratama Michiyo, Kayama Yuzo, Nakatani Ichiro, Mifune Toshiro
Japan 1966 120’

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