Sai bo gu ji man gwen chan a

I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok | Ich bin ein Cyborg, aber das macht nichts
Young-goon is a patient at a psychiatric clinic because she is convinced she is a cyborg. She refuses food, charging her batteries instead with electric shocks from a transistor radio. Naturally, this does nothing to improve her health. Undaunted, the young woman dons her grandmother's dentures and insists on talking to all manner of machines - from slot machines to lamps. Young-goon is by no means a unique case. Other patients at the clinic are prone to having conversations with imaginary interlocutors. One patient's fear of his wife has led to his impotence. Another suffers from an oedipal complex. Yet another struggles with a guilt complex and is always asking for forgiveness. One female patient is addicted to cosmetic surgery.
Young-goon's life changes the day that Il-soon is admitted. This good-looking young man who has a penchant for wearing masks, is considered to be anti-social. He soon convinces his fellow-patients that he also possesses the uncanny ability to steal their personality traits. It is not long before a tender romance develops between him and Young-goon. However, the young girl's condition is steadily deteriorating. She is administered electro-shock therapy. Feeling as though her batteries have been fully charged, she imagines that she is able to shoot down staff members at the clinic with bullets fired from her fingers, disgorging empty bullet shells from her mouth.
In reality, Young-goon's physical condition is extremely worrying. With the aid of some of the other patients, a desperate Il-soon tries to put her back on her feet again.
by Park Chan-wook
with Lim Soo-jung, Jung Ji-hoon
South Korea 2006 105’

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CJ Entertainment

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