Ice Keh-ki

Ice Bar | Eis!
It is the year 1969 and Neil Armstrong walks out onto the moon. A small step for him, and a giant leap for humankind. At least, this is the message he relays back to earth. But what does a sentence like this mean to a tenyear-old boy from South Korea and his impoverished mother? Young-rae and his mother live in the country where she manages, after a fashion, to scrape together a living by selling smuggled cosmetics. Their poverty doesn't bother Young-rae that much. He has learned to cope with it and supports his mother whenever he can. The only thing he finds hard to bear is being teased for not having a father. And he doesn't want to be fatherless.
For this reason he's overjoyed to discover that the Dad he so longed for is living in Seoul. But how on earth should Young-rae start looking for his father if he doesn't even know how he can get to the city so far away. It's exasperating. The train ticket is so expensive that a journey by rail is out of the question. How is Young-rae to get hold of so much money? The boy starts selling ice cream. It's a simple calculation: 840 portions of ice cream mean one ticket to Seoul. Young-rae ardently sets about his task. But then, just as his dream appears within his grasp and he is just a few portions of ice cream away from being able set off for Seoul, something happens ...
by Yeo In-gwang
with Park Ji-bin, Shin Ae-ra
South Korea 2006 95’ empfohlen ab 7 Jahren

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