Was am Ende zählt

Nothing Else Matters
Carla left home with high hopes. Lucie works for Rico in the construction business. The two women meet at a building site and become friends. Carla tells Lucie of her dream of going to Lyon. She's saving every cent she has. But just before she is about to embark on her journey she discovers that she is pregnant. All at once her dreams of a new life in Lyon recede into the far distance. It's too late to have an abortion and there's no way that Carla can go to a doctor because she's afraid that her father will find out about her pregnancy since she's still insured through his health care card. Lucie couldn't be more pleased that Carla has had to postpone her move. She and Carla have become far too close for Lucie to simply let her go. For this reason, Lucie suggests a deal to her girlfriend: have the baby under my name and I'll take on the child. Carla agrees to the plan and the two girls go into hiding. But after the birth Carla can't bring herself to leave her baby behind and it's not long before both 'mothers' discover that they're in way above their heads. Things go from bad to worse. It's time for Carla and Lucie to make a decision.
by Julia von Heinz
with Paula Kalenberg, Marie Luise Schramm, Benjamin Kramme
Germany 2007 90’

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