A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory

Nadia visits her granddaughter at work - at the Warhol Foundation - and tells her that her son, who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, had been Andy's lover and had lived with him. From that moment on the two family histories become a projection surface: that of an "upright and traditional" American family and the most legendary of all art families: Warhol's Factory.
With the support of Callie Angell, the curator of the Andy Warhol Film Project at the Whitney Museum, Esther B. Robinson, the niece of the vanished Danny Williams, tracks down a box of 16mm film material at MoMA that has his name written on it. A treasure chest opens up: images, never seen before, of the factory, of The Velvet Underground, well-known faces, all in a fusion of intimacy and splendor. Like a detective, Robinson searches for traces. Talking with contemporaries and family members, watching the films, and researching, one thing becomes clear: writing family histories is an amorphous conglomeration of memories, existing images, and the distance created by time - no different than writing film history. Still, despite the impossibility of grasping the truth, the film carves out an artistic biography as singular as it is puzzling.
Stefanie Schulte Strathaus
by Esther B. Robinson USA 2007 75’

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