Kibera Kid

Twelve-year-old Otieno is an orphan. He lives in Kibera, one of Africa's largest slums, where he has to steal to survive. Otieno is a member of the "razor blade" club that is something of a substitute family for him. One day, he is caught trying to steal a mobile phone. The angry mob are after his blood when, Wamatope steps in to save his life. Wamatope is an avowed enemy of all the Kibera gangs. Otieno must now decide to whom he owes his allegiance. Wamatope - or his gang?
by Nathan Collett
with Ignatius Juma, Geoffrey Twanga, Godfrey Ojiambo
Kenya 2006 12’ recommendation: 10 years and up

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Hot Sun Films - Sinema Jua Kali

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