The Tracey Fragments

Tracey is 15 years old. Her home life is unstable, to say the least. Her father calls his children "accidents" and her depressed mother spends all her time smoking in front of the television. Discovering that Tracey has hypnotised her brother Sonny into believing that he is a dog, Tracey's parents pack her off to the shrink. Tortured by puberty, Tracy is tormented at school by the other pupils. She seeks refuge in a dream world, where she imagines herself to be a rock star and movie queen. Billy Zero plays a large role in her dreams, but, although Tracey has fallen in love with this new boy at school, he doesn't even acknowledge her existence.
When Sonny disappears without a trace one day, Tracey puts all of this behind her in order to go out and look for him. Her search soon turns into an increasingly nightmarish odyssey. In the city she meets rent boy Lance, who entices her into a seedy bar. When Lance gets involved in a fight, Tracey bursts out into the wintry night and, haunted by images of Sonny, collapses in a dark alley. Lance saves her from the approaching blizzard and takes her home with him. A few days later a hoodlum turns up, wanting Lance to return the money he owes him. Unable to pay up, Lance receives a brutal beating which only stops when he offers him Tracey instead of the money he owes him. After a violent struggle, the girl only just manages to escape - clad in no more than a shower curtain ...
This is how the viewer first encounters Tracey at the beginning of the film. But her story is by no means over.
by Bruce McDonald
with Ellen Page, Max McCabe-Lokos, Ari Cohen, Slim Twig, Julian Richings
Canada 2007 80’

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Bavaria Film International

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