Kidz in da Hood | Abgerockt
Amina and her grandfather came to Sweden from Africa three years ago. The pair has no residence permit and for this reason are obliged to keep changing their address. No sooner do they move in with tattooed and pierced rocker Johan, than Amina's granddad dies. Now that she's all on her own she has to be careful that social services and the welfare people don't get onto her. This means keeping the inquisitive neighbours at bay. But all she really wants is to be able to live like the other suburban kids in the neighbourhood and share their adventures. Amina dreams of a career as a singer. That's why she can really understand Johan when he says there's nothing better than having a guitar in your hand. Actually, the two of them really hit it off - even if you don't notice it straight away. Their rapport improves greatly thanks to Mirre, a wild sort of a girl who lives on the same floor and is also a rock fan. But then the youth welfare department gets in touch - and this puts the burgeoning friendship between Johan and Anima to the test. The role of Johan is played by Gustaf Skarsgård, who is Sweden's Shooting Star of 2007.
by Ylva Gustavsson, Catti Edfeldt
with Gustaf Skarsgård, Beylula Kidane Adgoy, Embla Hjulström, Christopher Mhina, Jennifer Brown
Sweden 2006 96’ empfohlen ab 7 Jahren

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