När Mörkret Faller

When Darkness Falls
Leyla, Carina and Aram are all victims of crimes that they refuse to take lying down. They are at the centre of this Swedish thriller. Leyla is the daughter of immigrants and has grown up on a suburban estate. Her 19-year-old sister Nina is the black sheep of the family, because she supposedly hangs out with the wrong sort of boys. But it's not true. When her relatives even go so far as to stage-manage Nina's suicide, Leyla decides to do everything in her power to restore her sister's honour ...
Carina is a fortysomething television journalist who lives with a cinema tographer named Håkan. Although they act the happy couple at work, this couldn't be further from the truth - for Håkan beats his wife. When this becomes unbearable, Carina decides to report him to the police and he is arrested. Carina's colleagues resent her actions, and so Carina feels she has no option but to take her case to the media. When even the media rejects her story, she gives up journalism and decides to take up a career in politics. She runs for office in the European Parliament where she intends to draw attention to violence against women. She soon realises that she hasn't a chance of winning the election. But she's not going to give up that easily ...
Aram and his brother and sister have put every cent they own into a tiny restaurant. After a while, their business is going so well that criminals begin to take an interest. When their bouncer refuses entry to three young hoodlums, the restaurant becomes the target of a nocturnal raid, during which several people are shot at. Aram is the only one who can identify the perpetrators ...
by Anders Nilsson
with Oldoz Javidi, Lia Boysen, Reuben Sallmander, Per Graffman, Bahar Pars
Sweden / Germany 2006 134’

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