Steve Buscemi's film is the first part of a trilogy based on the work of Theo van Gogh. When this Dutch director was murdered by a religious fundamentalist on 2 November 2004, he was planning to direct an English-language remake of his film INTERVIEW using American actors. Two more remakes are in the pipeline, to be directed by Stanley Tucci and Bob Balaban.
INTERVIEW portrays the encounter between a journalist named Pierre Peders and a young starlet named Katya in which interviewer and inter viewee both gain much more than they bargained for. Pierre has made a name for himself as a committed war reporter. It is hardly surprising that he does not have the slightest inclination to talk to a blonde woman who has gained international stardom as a result of her appearances in a series of trivial soaps. Two very different worlds collide: the world of intellect versus vanity; profundity versus hedonism. In other words: dog and cat. Or maybe not? An encounter that begins as a power struggle, takes a surprising turn ...
Gijs van de Westelaken, the triology's Dutch producer: "It was always Theo van Gogh's dream to go to America and make films in New York. This is an attempt to make his dream come true. The central theme of these works is universal: the battle of the sexes. It's very moving that Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci and Bob Balaban are involved in this project that will make Theo's dream a reality."
by Steve Buscemi
with Sienna Miller, Steve Buscemi
USA / Netherlands 2006 81’

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