Princess Mona is an orphan. Since the death of her parents this little girl dog has lived alone at her castle - or rather, not quite alone. She is kept company by two ghastly, gruesome characters known as Goomi and Mon seigneur. One day, a unicorn is drawn by Mona's sobbing. The unicorn, who introduces herself simply as U, asks if she can be of assistance to Mona. If she is in agreement, she will serve and protect the little princess for as a long as she wishes.
And so U becomes Mona's constant companion - a mixture of big sister and little sister, best friend and confidante. All at once, life becomes so much more worth living; not surprisingly, the two are soon inseparable.
In time, Mona grows up into an increasingly attractive princess. Meanwhile, a group of peaceful, charming and enchanting Yeah-Yeahs move to the nearby forest. Although they do not possess any special powers, they somehow manage to change drastically the lives of everyone in the neighbourhood - not least on account of a wistful musician named Kulka ...
by Grégoire Solotareff, Serge Elissalde France 2006 75’ empfohlen ab 8 Jahren

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