Haebyuneui Yoein

Woman On The Beach
Film director Joong-rae is preparing his new film but is having problems completing the screenplay. He invites his production designer Chang-wook to the coast. Since Chang-wook had already arranged something with his girlfriend, composer Moon-sook, all three set off for Shinduri, a seaside resort on the west coast of Korea.
Moon-sook is a great fan of Joong-rae's films and so, when the director starts making overtures, she is by no means averse to his attentions. The two spend a night together, careful not to let Moon-sook's friend know of their liaison. Next morning, however, Joong-rae is plagued by a guilty conscience. He suggests that he should return to Seoul. He and Moon-sook clumsily bid farewell.
Two days later, Joong-rae makes another trip to Shinduri. He tries to let Moon-sook know where he is going but fails to reach her, leaving a message instead. He happens to meet a young woman, Sun-hee, and tells her that she reminds him of a character in his screenplay. He and Sun-hee also spend a night together.
The next day, Moon-sook arrives in Shinduri. She discovers Joong-rae with his new friend. Furious, she decides to get drunk.
by Hong Sangsoo
with Kim Seung-woo, Ko Hyun-joung, Kim Tae-woo, Song Sun-mi
South Korea 2006 127’

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Mirovision Inc.

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