1:1 (En til En)

1:1 (One To One)
A council estate on the outskirts of Copenhagen. One Friday evening, a young man, 19-year-old Per, is so brutally beaten that he falls into a coma and has to be taken to hospital. His mother, Søs, suffers a deep sense of guilt for what has happened and feels that she is to blame for her son’s fate. After all, she was the one that insisted they continue to live among the immigrants instead of leaving long ago like most other Danish people. And now Per is in intensive care, fighting for his life. As far as the newspapers are concerned, Per is simply one of an increasing number of victims of violent crime – worthy of a headline, but no more. Meanwhile, the police have no clues as to who the perpetrators might be.
Mie, Per’s 16-year-old sister, seeks comfort from her boyfriend, Shadi, the son of Palestinian immigrants. But Shadi finds it hard to give Mie the attention she needs. In the night of the crime he remembers seeing his older brother – who already has a previous conviction for assault – cleaning his bloodstained clothes in the bathroom. Shadi’s brother swears that he has nothing to do with the assault on Per and so Shadi keeps his mouth shut, in spite of his increasing doubts…
Annette K. Olesen: “When the world as we know it changes, it makes us feel insecure. When we feel insecure we fear we’ll lose what we’ve got. When we fear that, we try to exert control. At best fear is an instinct that enables us to survive. At worst it is a cancer that spreads and mutates into angst.
This is a film about fear. I wanted to tell this story eye to eye. 1 to 1.”
by Annette K. Olesen
with Mohammed-Ali Bakier, Joy K. Petersen, Anette Støvelbæk, Helle Hertz, Subhi Hassan
Denmark / United Kingdom 2005 90’

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