Schöner leben

Riding Up Front
Berlin on Christmas Eve. A group of people meet who have nothing to do with each other, except for the fact that their paths happen to cross.
Elke Neumann is a single mother. She is barely managing to survive but, because it’s Christmas Eve, she’s determined to at least treat her children to a meal in a restaurant of their choice – even though it means making a big sacrifice.
Werner is Sebastian’s father. He tries to get out of their annual Christmas meeting, but his feelings of guilt are so overpowering that a rendezvous becomes unavoidable.
Alwin has returned from a disastrous audition. He’s out of luck, as usual.
Otto drives an underground train. He has lost his wife in a tragic accident. Cleaning supplies rep Sieglinde keeps him company in his driver’s cab.
Joseph has spent many hours in therapy trying to come to terms with his break-up from his girlfriend, Maria. Today he’s feeling better at last. But then the tube pulls into the station and his ex-lover steps into his compartment.
And then there’s Wiener, who disguises himself as Santa Claus and steals from discount stores, leaving behind wise Buddhist sayings.
The stories told in this episodic film are about love, cowardice, courage, grief and destiny; they tell of the unexpected happiness that an experience or a chance meeting can bring.
by Markus Herling
with Pasquale Aleardi, Isabella Parkinson, Karin Düwel, Andreas Guenther
Germany 2006 106’

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