The First Day Of My Life

Der erste Tag meines Lebens
Kate is eleven years old. She can’t understand her older sister Laura at all. Why didn’t she come to school with her this morning? Why has she rented a room in a smelly rundown hostel where there aren’t even any sheets? Worse still, Laura has a lover who is a member of the French-speaking population. What is the matter with her? She has slept with a boy for the first time and, all of a sudden, she wants to live life as she pleases and won’t come home any more. But what about poor Kate? She’s the one that has to tell her parents about Laura. THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE portrays the most important day in the lives of two sisters.
by David Uloth
with Amber Bernard, Kaila Magnone
Canada 2005 12’ empfohlen ab 10 Jahren

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Locomotion Films

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