Het Paard van Sinterklaas

Winky's Horse | Ein Pferd für Winky
Six-year-old Winky Wong has only just moved to a small town on the coast where her parents have opened a Chinese restaurant. She loves going to visit her neighbours, Aunty Cor and Uncle Siem, who run a riding school. Winky adores looking after the horses.
One day, when Winky’s favourite horse, Sara, has to be put down because she is too old and weak, Winky decides that she wants nothing more than to own a horse of her own. But where on earth is she to get one? Certainly not from her parents, who earn very little. But when she learns about Santa Claus at school, she begins to live in hope. That’s it! She’ll ask Santa Claus for a horse! Her father’s reaction is doubtful, to say the least, but what does he know about the customs in this country?
And so, when Santa arrives by boat at the port, Winky is standing in the front row. In spite of this, she fails to give him her drawing and so she writes him a letter and takes it to the post office. But on the morning of Saint Nicolas’ Day her is shoe empty. Then she hears that Santa is to visit a shopping mall that afternoon. This time, she actually manages to speak to him and he promises to give Winky a horse.
Overjoyed, Winky sets about converting their garden shed into a stable. Winky’s father has had enough of Winky and her wishes but Aunty Cor and Uncle Siem are beginning to worry about the little girl in earnest. Wouldn’t it be better to buy Winky a new horse she can look after?
Naturally, Winky’s bound to be disappointed by Santa’s next visit and, when he hands over his gift to Winky at school it is indeed merely a plastic horse…
by Mischa Kamp
with Jan Decleir, Betty Schuurman, Ebbie Tam
Netherlands / Belgium 2005 96’ empfohlen ab 5 Jahren

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