Dimitri is twenty-five years of age and has a sensible job working with two colleagues selling houses ready for occupancy to small families with building society savings contracts. But the tranquillity of what Dimitri feels is a perverse world through which his life moves lethargically threatens to drive him to distraction. He does little to quell the rumours that are circulating that refer exclusively to his mysterious past – rumours that appear to fascinate Jeanne and lead to Cathy making Dimitri’s acquaintance. Bouli Lanners’ film revolves around a small group of people who are all in need of something like an electro-shock in order to fan the tiny spark within them into a passionate fire.
Bouli Lanners: “My first artistic passions come from painting, in particular landscape painting. With this film, everything was based on a feeling, rather than an idea. This feeling stayed with me throughout the production. Instinct guided me, like when I paint. This is why the screenplay was constantly dismantled, remodelled and rebuilt – from writing to completion of the edit – in successive little touches. The cinemascope frame became a canvas, the actors dabs of colour and the film a painting.
I take my inspiration from situations experienced by people close to me, by anecdotes that people tell me or little stories I overhear and make my own. Unlike the image that I may project or people may have of me, I like things that are sad and I view the world in a naturally sad manner.”
by Bouli Lanners
with Vincent Lécuyer, Hélène De Reymaeker, Marie Du Bled
Belgium / France 2004 86’

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